Catch and Release Fish Lip Grabber from Stonfo - Indispensable for Catch and Release.

    The special features of these pliers allow you to grab the fish by the mouth without injuring it.

    The jaws are rubber coated and the rounded tips have a large contact surface, furthermore the closing force of the pliers can be adjusted by the angler.

    Ultra lightweight, compact with high strength body, made from a strong techno-polymer, these pliers are suitable for small and big size fish.

    Perfect for both fresh and saltwater use. Their anatomic handle is in anti-skid rubber. Supplied with adjustable wrist strap.

    To avoid harm to fish, we recommend you leave the fish in your net in the water, support its body with the other hand, and only use the pliers to hold it while taking out the hook.

    This is the standard size suitable for trout

    Code: SF617